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meet NewCat!

This is NewCat.  He is about 1 year old and has 14 fingers and 16 claws.  

Here he is smearing his long fur all over everything.

Here is one of his front paws.  He is showing you that we live in Michigan, pretty close to his pinky toe.

A few weeks ago I was brushing him and noticed his hind feet's extra toenails looked ingrown so I was expecting they would have to be surgically removed, but the vet was able to catch them in time and they only needed to be trimmed!  He is a very laid back, friendly cat.  He was a stray and was a little strange at first (he didn't react to anybody or anything, making us think he was deaf or autistic), but now he's very friendly and sociable with people and my non-poly cat, Stevie.  We love him and his mittens.
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