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I've had my polydactyl for three years now, but having just found this community, I thought I'd show off my Emori when she was a little kitten. We got her as a companion for her sister, who we were fostering for a friend. We ended up so happy we did, too. She's adorable, but not too bright. Unlike many poly kitties, she doesn't really use her thumbs much. She also has had problems with her toes on one of her feet, and she wound up having to have surgery.

(Our vet said he'd never seen anything like it--she had a toe spur, just a bone, growing out of the side of her foot. There was no joint, and it never stopped growing. After it punctured her skin, we opted for surgery. The extra toes on that foot were also fubar, with one toe growing out of the other, and the claws were so twisted that we couldn't cut them anymore. So we declawed those toes at the same time.)

Emori and her sister. They're about 12 weeks old in these pictures.

I have more, but those are really good for showing off her toes.

Edit: I fixed the tags. Sorry.
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