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New to the group: Meet Tigerheart.

I'm new to this group and cat ownership, but I'm getting the hang of it.

It all started July 16th, 2007. Four days after my 20th birthday. I had just returned to my apartment from a trip to visit my parents and was getting ready for work. I walked outside and was shocked on what I had found.

There was a huge, yet scrawny underweight tomcat laying on my porch steps, too exhausted and malnourished to move.

Without a second to think, I immediately scooped him up and brought him inside. He stumbled about confused, meowing and falling. He was dehydrated and upon further inspection, abused. His paws were blistered and cut and you could see every bone under his orange coat.
But that was almost a year ago.

Today, the skinny orange tabby weighs over 15 pounds (he was 8 pounds when I rescued him) and has a count of 6 extra toes: Two on each front paw and one extra on each back paw. Until I started doing research, I didn't know a polydactyl existed.

Tigerheart, or Tiger for short, is a pretty interesting fellow. He loves to pick up things with those toes and fling them away and has learned to pick up pens off my desk and drop them over the side. He turns our lights on or off, depending on his mood. He's my tough little boy and doesn't like to be cuddled, held, or carried, but he knows how to walk on a leash. I love to take him to Petco and other petstores because people are amazed to see him on his leash. And when we're ready to come home, he jumps in my car and sits in the passenger seat like a dog.

But enough of the small talk. I got loads of pictures to share. lol
My user icon is of Tiger too. =P

Tiger and me napping about two weeks after I rescued him.

On top of his new scratching post.

Playing in the grass.

He's an amazing animal. =)
He's got his own myspace where I upload all of his better pictures.
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