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hi! moose and i are new here and we just wanted to say hello to all the other polydactyl cats and their owners (or rather the people who are owned by them, lol).



(in the beginning there was a kitty named moose who ended up
at a pet store. convienently, yours truly worked there.)

(moose was a pretty scruffy lanky looking scoundrel, which might

have been due to the fact he had upper respiratory as well as all
sorts of internal and external parasites when he showed up with

his brother on my work's doorstep in a box  :( but i fell in love
with him nevertheless and took him home and made sure he got
better. also, even though i didn't take his brother, i made sure he 

got a fantastic home too.)


(now at almost six months old he's not so scruffy looking anymore.
now he's regal, now he's dignified...)

(at some point i was convinced by someone he was the feline
equivalent of
ryan ross, guitarist for panic at the disco who has a
strange obsession with attaching floral arrangements to his clothes
and ridic vintage print scarves. yeah, i have no idea either. anyway,
much silly 
fangirling and whatnot ensued including dress-up time.
looking dignified there rycat!)

(now he's moose ross aka. moosey rosspants aka moosey boosey
rosskins, depending on what ickle nickname i've decided to use
for the day.
notice how he's got the bitchy glare of doom down,
just like ryro, for any of you panic fans out there.)

(he also likes computers because he can get his owner to ewhore
him through cutesy pictures online.
livejournal, here we come!)

(sleeping in my clothes hamper and showin off the paws... he's
a six-six-five-four, which is pretty. odd. even amongst polys
we've seen.
for some odd reason the other foot just didn't get
an extra toe. oh well!

(and of course it goes without saying moosey is a giant baby and
loves his mommybear...)

(you can find us on the couch together almost always. we like to snuggle a lot. moosey
is polite to everyone but deep down is very much a mamma's boy.)

(and here is where we say goodbye! see you all next time we post!)

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